We Made This Snow Slideshow Instead of Going to Work Today

A Pax Offering

  • New York is basically unbearable right now.
    It’s so unpleasantly, intensely cold that we keep coming up with new terms to describe the fact that it is cold. The snow and freezing rain keep alternating to form layer of ice underneath slush underneath snow. It’s snowing again. And it will probably snow again every week ever because really, there is just no end in sight.
    We are virtual prisoners in our own home, at mercy to the elements raging outside our windows. And we forgot to stock up on hot chocolate.
    If you want to know why we put up with New York instead of fleeing for the warmth and sun and traffic jams of Los Angeles or the hot tacky splendor of South Beach, click this link.

    Otherwise, click through to see how The Observer staff is experiencing endless Winter around the city. In our pajamas.

    cleardot We Made This Snow Slideshow Instead of Going to Work Today
  • My window; I live in a jail, Bed-Stuy

  • It's...a car

  • We should have canceled our walk.

  • Party on a roof in Sunset Park

  • Delivery guy in Greenpoint. Hope he gets a good tip!

  • Just a depressing shot from Astoria

  • still life with broken umbrella -- Chinatown.

  • Citibike: get in the cold seat!

  • Soho from above.

  • Midtown window shot

  • Overlooking 34th Street and Park Avenue

  • Overlooking 34th Street and Park Avenue

  • Window view, Harlem

  • Harlem, U.S.A.

  • Soccer field pier Brooklyn Bridge park

  • Financial District

  • Powder-blue Smart Car on 9th St.

  • Intersection of Bedford & Manhattan in Brooklyn

  • Submerged bike -- Cobble Hill

  • Entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Brooklyn Bridge park, Manhattan skyline in background

  • Skier in Williamsburg

  • Snow removal in Bensonhurst

  • Hoboken, NJ

  • 61st & Woodside Station

  • 43rd St Looking Toward 8th Ave

  • 9th Avenue 8:30am walking to work

  • Lower East Side

  • Overlook Hotel, Carroll Gardens

  • 24th Street looking north in West Chelsea

  • View out of the Fredericks and Freiser gallery

  • Woodside, Queens

  • Snowy Cobble Hill

  • Bus? Not gonna happen. Woodside, Queens

  • JFK

  • Bushwick

  • An office view shot at The Observer's office.

  • From the bullpen at The Observer's office.

  • Another view from The Observer's offices

  • A very blizzard-y City Hall Park