On the Market: Brooklyn Bridge Park Condos Are Selling Fast; Deeprak Chopra Buys at New Agey Delos Building; Bloomingdale’s Was Once a Hot Pick-up Spot

Gentrifying Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights see huge surge in bicycling. [Crain’s]
Toll Brothers swiftly sells out first batch of Brooklyn Bridge Park condos. [Brownstoner]
How the housing market makes inequality worse. [AC]
Doormen begin negotiations for new union contract, testing de Blasio’s pro-labor bonafides. [WSJ]
In spite of what Spike Lee says, white people in Brooklyn have nothing to be ashamed of. [NYDN]
Deepak Chopra conforms to expectations, buys $14.5 M. condo at New Agey Delos building. [Curbed]
First platform of Calatrava’s beautiful, late, overbudget, 1 WTC finally opens. [WSJ]
Developer Gary Melius is recovering after being shot in front of his Long Island castle. [Post]
And how did he manage to buy that castle in the first place? [WSJ]
Staten Islanders want to stop Savo Brother’s plans to develop former Jesuit retreat. [DNAinfo]
NY’s road problems go far beyond the crater-like potholes making them impassable. [Crain’s]
Andrew Heiberger files suit against Sitt in bid to wrangle back control of Town. [TRD]
Who knew Bloomingdale’s was once a hot singles pick-up place? [Gothamist]