PayPal President Forced To Pay With Credit Card, Gets Hacked

The universe works in mysterious ways.

David Marcus (Twitter)

David Marcus (Twitter)

In a crazy twist of fate worthy of a Steven King novel or a Bachelor Pad finale, PayPal president David Marcus recently became the victim of credit card skimming and a bunch of fraudulent transactions in the UK.

According to Mr. Marcus’s Twitter feed, the PayPal president believes his card was probably skimmed at his hotel. The hackers then apparently cloned his data and went on a “shopping spree,” he wrote.

Ever the resourceful businessman, Mr. Marcus took to Twitter to remind everyone that THIS IS WHY WE ALL SHOULD USE PAYPAL ALL DAY ERRY DAY, pointing out that not even his card’s EMV chip—thought to be an effective security measure—could prevent thieves from stealing his credit card data.

Okay, okay, Mr. Marcus—chill. It’s not like PayPal’s never done anything wrong. Let’s not forget the bizarre case of the overnight Philadelphia quadrillionaire, or, that time they froze an organization’s $45,000 of community-donated funds.

Though hopefully Mr. Marcus doesn’t have to pay for the 450 pounds of crumpets—or whatever it is that British hackers buy with all their booty—maybe the experience will help foster more caring customer service if something goes wrong in the future.