Stop Complaining About Valentine's Day and Do This #Tech Stuff Instead

There's no reason to kvetch when Netflix and Seamless exist.

Betabeat's patented system is way easier than making a cake. (Photo:

Betabeat’s patented system is way easier than making this. (Photo:

Whether you’re part of a couple this Feb. 14 or not, there’s no reason to be that annoying person on social media who won’t stop ranting and raving about how Valentine’s Day is a stupid, made-up holiday.

To lift your spirits and rip you away from your keyboard, Betabeat is compiling an ongoing list of ways not to be That Person this year. Here are some ideas on how to enhance your Valentine’s Day, beyond Seamless and Netflix. Only one of them is vaguely sex-doll-related.

1. Bet on how soon your friends will break up with their dumb boyfriends/girlfriends.

2. Figure out where all the cheaters are with AshleyMadison’s handy neighborhood map.

3. Send some luxurious stuff to your boyfriend or girlfriend last-minute.

4. Secretly send yourself flowers at work.

5. Be the poor man’s Patti Stanger by matchmaking your friends on Facebook.

6. Win some free jewelry/take your romantic relationship with Seamless to the next level.

7. Make out with a pillow!

8. Find someone to date based on personality instead of looks.

Check back often for updates, because Betabeat truly wants you to be happy (and stop complaining).