Study: Only 10 Percent of Users Update Their Facebook Status; Rest Are Too Busy Stalking

The average user has 338 friends and they hate them all.

The only updates we care about. (Photo: File)

The only updates we care about. (Photo: File)

It doesn’t look like a lot of you are going to update your status celebrating Facebook’s birthday. A new survey from Pew Research discovered that only ten percent of its 1.2 billion users change their status daily while just four percent do it more than once a day.

With only a few Faebook users sharing their annoying life announcements, it means that the social network is a one-way conversation “buoyed by Internet voyeurs who relish the ability to document their lives with their friends or the public,” writes the WSJ 

Thirty six percent of people said “super sharers” who incessantly post their wedding albums and the like are annoying them because they share too much. Pew’s findings are based on telephone surveys with 1,800 adults from last fall.

Among other factoids, like 44 percent admitting they often click on the “like” button for whatever reason, people said Facebook makes them uneasy. The paper reports:

Of those interviewed, 27% said they disliked “other people seeing posts or comments you didn’t mean for them to see.” Others felt pressure to get “likes” and were “tempted” to share too much information.

Facebook is going to kill us by its 20th birthday, huh?