T‐Shirt Bedazzler Brit Morin Is Target's Newest Employee

That red polo will look divine on her.

Is that 300 white shower loofahs or is she just happy to see us? (Photo: brit.co)

Is that 3,000 white shower loofahs or is she just happy to see us? (Photo: brit.co)

In between writing books, making trips to JoAnn’s Crafts & Fabrics and marathon fishtail‐braiding sessions with her besties, Brit Morin has somehow found the time to take a new post as Target’s wedding advisor.

She totally loves weddings, you see, and will be “teaming up with Target for a full year to help all of you brides-to-be with YOUR wedding!”

She’ll provide budding bridezillas with “tips and tricks” to help them plan their dream weddings, and also continuing to run her wedding app, Weduary.

We’re guessing this is an effort on Target’s part to class up their wedding offerings and make the millions of Pinterest obsessives who follow Brit Morin realize you can buy wedding stuff at Target. It’s right there, between the off brand Febreze and the Xboxes. And the partnership could help Brit grow her already massive empire, pulling even more of Middle America into her perfectly manicured clutches.

We just wonder why Brit and Target waited to announce this until Friday afternoon, a time when any news is pretty much buried. And on Valentine’s Day, no less.

Thematically, it makes sense, what with all the love stuff going on today. But most people aren’t reading the Internet right now. Either way, Betabeat is insanely jealous. How many Brit kits do we have to destroy before Target notices us?