The U.S. Health Dept. and a Conservative PAC Are Now Fighting Via Doge Memes

Doge jumps the shark for the 23940823th time.

You know America’s politics is headed in a great direction when competing factions are communicating via doge memes.

The doge drama started innocently enough, when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tweeted out a doge meme this morning encouraging people to enroll in benefit plans:

A couple hours later, right-wing Political Action Committee America Rising — whose self-described purpose is to “expose the truth about Democrats through video tracking, research, and the media” — decided to craft a healthcare-related doge meme of its own, criticizing Democratic U.S. Senator Kay Hagan, who apparently dodged (doged?) some big health care questions earlier this week:

“What could be worse than HHS’s lame attempt to sell the flailing ObamaCare implementation using doge? How about Kay Hagan (D-NC) fleeing reporters’ ObamaCare questions,” America Rising wrote on its site.

Regardless of how valid your claims against Ms. Hagan may be, we sense that few will take your criticism seriously when you use phrases like “such run from questions” and “very obamacare support.” Until we’re getting online-married to other Redditors and conducting our entire existence through Second Life avatars, let’s all try to have mature conversations in human-speak, shall we?