To Do Thursday: Castings, Fittings and Alterations

The Waverly Inn.

The Waverly Inn.

Fashion Week is one of the best weeks of the year to be in New York. I love the feeling of the fashion industry coming together to celebrate the new collections. It’s a great moment for every American designer, big and small. The New York Observer asked me to share my plans for the coming days.

It will be a long day of castings, fittings and alterations at our offices in Chelsea. We turn an entire studio into our design and planning headquarters, and we have a team working around the clock to refine every aspect of the show.

Scheduling in time with friends and family is essential during the hectic days leading up to New York Fashion Week. Dee and I will have dinner with friends at my favorite restaurant downtown, Waverly Inn. It’s great to take a break and talk about things other than the business.

Waverly Inn, 16 Bank Street, 917-828-1154