To Do Wednesday: Valerie Fund’s Valentine’s Day Ball

CareOne CEO Daniel Straus hands out holiday presents at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, NJ.

CareOne CEO Daniel Straus hands out holiday presents at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, NJ.
(Photo courtesy of CareOne)

What’s the first thing you do when your child is diagnosed with cancer or a rare blood disorder? Cry and scream and curse the darkness. The second thing you do?

Reach out to The Valerie Fund, which has been providing support for the comprehensive health care of children with cancer and blood disorders since 1976, when its founders Ed and Sue Goldstein lost their little girl who gave the fund its name. Hosting over 4000 patients a year, the seven Valerie Fund Children’s Centers for Cancer and Blood Disorders are located in major hospitals in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.

Daniel and his daughter Elizabeth Straus, the CEO and Executive VP of senior care company CareOne, are hosting the Valerie Fund’s annual Valentine’s Day Ball in Jersey City. They’re expecting over 1000 people and have already raised over $1.1 million to help fund this noble mission. There will be a heavy dose of celebrity guests—salsa-dancing wide receiver Victor Cruz, hunky former New York Ranger (and Vogue intern!) Sean Avery, Rutgers-phenom-made-good-in-the-NFL Brian Leonard and New York Jet Antonio Cromartie are all expected—but the real reason to go is to support this noble mission.

Mr. Straus told us, “I am thrilled with the results my team has accomplished in fundraising for the Valerie Fund. We know the funds raised from this event will have a meaningful impact on the children and families they serve.”

CareOne has a history of compassion toward those in need. Last year, Elizabeth and Daniel spent Christmas at Beth Israel Hospital in one of the toughest sections of Newark, handing out over 3000 toys to neighborhood children. And the company netted over $1 million at a casino night to raise money for CareOne employees who got hit by Hurricane Sandy, essentially covering all uninsured losses.

$150 at the door, Maritime Parc, 94 Audrey Zapp Dr., Jersey City, 201-346-4574