TV Morning Downloads: Hot Or Not? Depends Which Shows You’re Watching


Courtesy of Wired

-If you’re looking for love on the Internet, mention Archer and Homeland. According to this handy new chart, courtesy of OkCupid, Wired and Big Data, there is a distinct correlation between a MetaCritic rating for your favorite show and how attractive you’ll be perceived in your profile pic. – Wired

– A psychiatrist analyzes the characters on GIRLS and it’s amazing. Marnie’s got a low-grade personality disorder. “The comedic parallel of that would be Jenna on 30 Rock, who is very histrionic.”– Vulture

-Netflix signed House of Cards for a third season, even though the second hasn’t aired yet. (Feb 14th, y’all!)- New York Times

– Everyone’s favorite temp from The Office, BJ Novak, is making the rounds promoting his new short story collection One More Thing. He may have peaked at 12-years-old, but he’s going to in the new Spider-Man movie anyway.- Vanity Fair

– Neil Gaiman’s American Gods series, dropped by HBO, has been picked up by FreeMantle Media with the author as executive producer. Look, we don’t care how it gets done. Make the damn show already. (/Film)

– Keith Olbermann railed gloriously against the Sochi Games last night, and it was almost like old times! – Uproxx