With Free Jewelry Contest, Seamless Could Finally Be Your Boyfriend This Valentine's Day

Win one of 100 BaubleBar necklaces tomorrow.

All the Seamless ladies. (Screengrab: Seamless.com)

We’ll take this for free, and a burrito. (Screengrab: Seamless.com)

New York single people: you have two options for tomorrow night.

Either you stay in with your single friends and stuff your faces while watching Bridget Jones’s Diary, or you go out with your single friends and celebrate your “fabulous” lives à la Sex and the City.

We at Betabeat are always advocates of the former. And Seamless is an obvious choice when it comes to catering your eat-kvetch-love sesh — you don’t even have to leave the house.

As a bonus, they’re running a contest tomorrow wherein you could win a free BaubleBar necklace.

That’s right, you could win jewelry from Seamless during the day tomorrow, then order all the pad thai, nachos and flourless chocolate cake you want by night. And if you’re determined not to live a life of celibacy wherein you only receive affectionate gestures from a food delivery corporation, there’s always Tinder.

Bonus: if you’re a dude who’s yet to purchase a present for the lady in his life, you, too, could join the contest, cross your fingers, and hope that you win a necklace to regift like the classy gent you are.

The rules are: you have to be in Manhattan from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow to receive your BaubleBar bounty (if you’re lucky), and you have to enter the contest today. Buying from Seamless isn’t required but LOL good luck picking up your ritual Ben & Jerry’s pint in this weather.