A Compendium of Headlines About Jordan Wolfson’s (Apparently Viral) Show at David Zwirner [Updated]

(Courtesy Youtube)

(Courtesy Youtube)

— “Say Hello to Jordan Wolfson’s Animatronic Dancer at David Zwirner” (Artnet News)

— “Is this the most terrifying robot ever? Animatronic dancer stares at you as ‘she’ gyrates to Blurred Lines” (Daily Mail)

— “This Gyrating Animatronic Doll Will Haunt Your Dreams” (io9)

— “Animatronic Lady Gaga does the robot” (The Drum)

— “Animatronic Lady Gaga lookalike wows gallery visitors” (Metro)

— “Dancing robot is worst thing of day” (The Star)

— “Creepy Animatronic stripper at an art installation in New York” (Reddit)

— La poupée danseuse de l’horreur (Madmoizelle)

That is all. As you were, everyone.

Update, 2:55 p.m.: “Hot Slut Of The Day!” or “Soul-Killing, Terrifying Hot Slut Who Will Haunt Your Night Terrors For The Rest Of Your Days Of The Day.” (Dlisted)