Baa-Headed: Why Are There So Many Animal Decapitations in Brooklyn This Week?

Watch your head.

Watch your head.

Animals are simply losing their heads over Brooklyn’s parks.

Most recently, a pair of roosters. On Wednesday, Julie Reinken was walking her dog in Dr. Ronald McNair park with her two year old son in tow when she came upon a pair of beheaded roosters. The headless birds were set up in a clay pot, with feathers arranged around them. 

“I was appalled,” Ms. Reinken told DNAinfo. “I mean it’s so sad. It’s a very violent scene. I’m glad that my kid isn’t old enough to notice what it was. He didn’t see anything.”

Trust us, this gets weirder. The decapitated roosters were found just two days after a severed goat head was discovered in nearby Prospect Park by yet another dog-walker. The head, with no body or footprints in sight, was tagged with the number “93” on its ear.

“At first I thought it was a frozen squirrel or kitten, then I saw the tag and horns and realized what it was,” David Rabig, who stumbled upon the head, told DNAinfo. “I would describe my reaction as unsettled.”

According to our research (see: Google search) the number “93” was important in Thelema, a religious philosophy founded by Alister Crowley. Which is creepy. This is also not the only time goat parts have been found in Prospect park. Which is creepier.

Prospect Park spokesman Eric Landau tells us one measly goat head is nothing to be afraid of. “No, this not a common complaint,” he told the Observer. “We found it after it was reported, it was removed and we contacted the local authorities.”

Mr. Landau also told us the park has no speculation on the cause or the culprit. All it sounds like to us is someone is taking the True Detective finale this weekend a little too seriously.