Bill Nye and Andy Samberg Team Up for 'Night of Invention' at SXSW

The presentation will be streamed online.

SXSWhat? (Photo: Getting Smart)

SXSWhat? (Photo: Getting Smart)

Science, comedic pop songs and memories of parody Twitter accounts past will merge in Austin, Texas, this Saturday when Bill Nye and Andy Samberg grace the same stage.

On Saturday, March 8, Mr. Nye, a Science Guy, will open the evening with a live Quirky Product Evaluation with Mr. Samberg and Quirky founder Ben Kaufman. 

Quirky is an invention company based in New York. Users can create accounts and pitch ideas, then help determine which products Quirky will design, manufacture and sell. Inventors who submit the ideas share royalties when they’re sold, a rep told us.

“They’ll have a lively debate over products pitched by Quirky’s community to put into production, all in front of a live audience open to SXSW badgeholders,” a press release says. So it’s basically like Shark Tank, but way more chill.

After the product pitches, Mr. Nye will host a taping of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Live podcast, discussing science news with comedians Eugene Mirman and Jenny Slate.

The whole thing will be streaming live here, and it’s guaranteed to be less facepalm inducing than a creationist debate.