Chinese Ambassador Thinks ‘House of Cards’ Is Accurate

Xander Feng and VP Frank Underwood on House of Cards. (Netflix)

Xander Feng and VP Frank Underwood on House of Cards. (Netflix)

We have a feeling this guy hasn’t made it to the last episode of Season 2.

Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai told a panel gathered in Beijing for the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, “I have seen both seasons of House of Cards, which I think embodies some of the characteristics and corruption that is present in American politics.”

Notable perhaps, because of how season two portrays  Xander Feng, the Chinese billionaire investor who is originally brought to negotiate with Frank Underwood for … something involving a bridge, we think. No, it was the WTO lawsuit, and he wanted the U.S. not to drop it. But he also wanted a bridge. And to have weird sex with a plastic bag over his head. Most of VP Underwood’s decisions about what to do with China are portrayed as petty power moves to either undermine or bolster Feng and Raymond Tusk, meaning that Tiankai’s remarks boil down to saying, “You guys are petty as fuck.”

China’s definitely having a love affair moment with House of Cards: the show was a huge hit there thanks to streaming services like, and it’s somehow managed to skirt the country’s tight censorship restrictions.