Cronut Creator Bringing Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glasses to New York

Are Franken-Foods taking over the City?

Bow before Dominique Ansel’s latest dessert creation, New York.

The baked goods equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein and creator of the CroNut unveiled his latest creation at Austin’s South by Southwest — the chocolate-chip-cookie milk shot. And it is coming to Mr. Ansel’s New York bakery.

To be clear, these are shot glasses made of cookie, filled with organic milk. Just look at them. Look at them and despair for your waistline.

“In France, we don’t naturally think about drinking milk with cookies,” Mr. Ansel told Fast Company. “We don’t eat very many cookies at all. So the first time someone told me milk and cookies are a ‘thing,’ I was very fascinated by it. And that’s what inspired the creation.”

The cookie-cup hybrid has already caused the internet to explode, as expected.

Where will the Franken-Foods end? What is next for New York  after the Cronut, the vegan Donart and now this? What happens if you put a Cronut on top of a Donart and dip it into a cookie shot glass?

Try not to think about it.

Try not to think about it.