Japanese Inventor Creates Drone-Powered Quidditch Snitch

It's basically a caged quadcopter.

Yer a wizard, Harry. (Photo via lab.rekimoto.org)

Yer a wizard, Harry. (Photo via lab.rekimoto.org)

Dust off your Gryffindor cloak, because real-life Quidditch is one step closer to being a reality.

A Japanese inventor has created the Hoverball, a device that comes about as close to being a Golden Snitch as human technology possibly can. It’s a quadcopter wrapped in ball-shaped wiring, capable of floating, swerving and spinning. It’s technically a drone, so this is one more point for the “benign drone use” team (which doesn’t really stand a chance against drone abusers).

The Hoverball can be guided by remote control, making it the perfect Snitch stand-in, provided the person controlling it hasn’t been paid off by the Slytherin team.

“Balls are the most popular equipment for sports,” the inventor, Jun Rekimoto, points out on his website. He doesn’t mention the Snitch connection, but he does point out that the Hoverball could be used to quell the fears of sporty senior citizens and children who are afraid of the ball.

The only issue: humans still can’t fly, so Quidditch players will have to keep running around with brooms between their legs like nimrods.

(h/t The Daily Mail)