Marc Andreessen and Others Annotate Newsweek's Bitcoin Story on Rap Genius

The notes add more context (and opinion) to the story.

Here are some cartoon coins with B's on them because that is how it works. (Photo: Silicon Angle)

Here are some cartoon coins with B’s on them because that is how these things work. (Photo: Silicon Angle)

It seems everyone has an opinion on Newsweek‘s über-controversial story about reported Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

And now, all of those dissenting opinions can accumulate in one place (we mean besides Twitter). Popular lyrical annotation site Rap Genius has posted the story, and users — including the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen — have been adding info for the last few days.

Some are adding helpful details and backstory, while others are either criticizing or buttressing author Leah McGrath-Goodman’s reporting tactics. The notes from verified annotators are lit up in green, while notes from civilians are orange.

Some of the feedback is pure speculation, in the case Mr. Andreessen’s note on one of the story’s opening paragraphs. Ms. McGrath-Goodman wrote in the Newsweek piece that Mr. Nakamoto has “the slackness of a person who has waged a battle for a long time and now faces a grave loss.” 

But Mr. Andreessen guesses, through his verified account, that this could be “the slackness of a person who has no idea why he’s being harassed by a reporter from Newsweek for no good reason.” For what it’s worth, as reporters, we can verify that people who don’t want to be “harassed” by us usually react with something much stronger than “slackness.”

Still, it’s a good read in case you still haven’t gotten enough of the debate surrounding this story.