Nakamoto Says He Didn't Create Bitcoin, Is Tired of Talking About It

"My name is Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. I am the subject of the Newsweek story on Bitcoin. I am writing this statement to clear my name."

Is it true?! (Facebook)

Is it true?! (Facebook)

The man identified as the creator of Bitcoin in Leah McGrath Goodman‘s Newsweek article has issued a statement denying the entire report.

In the statement, obtained by Felix Salmon of Reuters, Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto declares, “I did not create, invent or otherwise work on Bitcoin. I unconditionally deny the Newsweek report.”

Mr. Salmon displayed the full text of Mr. Nakamoto’s statement on Twitter:

Despite Mr. Nakamoto’s statement, it’s still impossible to know what to believe.

Highly vocal Internet types are convinced Ms. McGrath Goodman got the wrong man. And as the New York Times pointed out, there are tons of people in the world named Satoshi Nakamoto who seem to have been overlooked — and that’s assuming that “Satoshi Nakamoto” is, in fact, the Bitcoin creator’s real name, and not a pseudonym.

But then again, Ms. McGrath Goodman does have her reasons. Among some other observations, she noted that the timeframe in which Bitcoin was reportedly created matched up with the period Dorian S. Nakamoto spent without a job, and that the Bitcoin creator’s “three-year silence” matched up with Dorian S. Nakamato’s recent health issues.

For now, all we can say is (shrug)