New Law Aims to Force MTA Conductors to Be Nice

Because we totally deserve it.

A new Friendliness Bill wants MTA workers to treat riders with the respect they (most of the time) deserve

A new bill wants MTA workers to treat riders with the respect they (most of the time) deserve

When the C train shuts the door on your foot for the zillionth time, who you gonna call?

Assemblyman Ron Kim wants to pass a bill that would not only require MTA employees to treat bus and train riders with more courtesy and respect, but provide a viable outlet for complaints.

The State Assembly bill pledges friendliness and accurate information under legislation, the Daily News reported.

“What our law will do is require (the MTA) to constantly communicate with the customers about their rights as riders,” Mr. Kim told the Daily News.

The bill would give straphangers somewhere to bring their complaints about customer service or inaccurate information, according to Mr. Kim. The Queens-based Assemblyman came up with the idea after a senior in his district complained that an Access-A-Ride driver wanted tips from her each day.

“The elderly straphanger should have been able to see a customer service number to complain about the payola pressure,” Mr. Kim told the Daily News.

In response, the MTA says the legislature is unnecessary, because MTA workers are totally the friendliest.  “MTA employees ‘are instructed to exercise the utmost courtesy’ already,” MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told the Daily News.

Yes, Mr. Ortiz, MTA employees are supposed be courteous. They are also supposed to refrain from flipping customers off.

We’ll just leave it at this video here.