New York Went Murder (and Stabbing and Shooting and Slashing) Free For a Full 24 Hours

Commissioner brags about it all wrong.

A little less of this hanging around!

A little less of this hanging around!

These are the things we celebrate.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton mentioned in an announcement that on a single day last week not one person in all of New York was murdered, shot, stabbed or slashed.

He added that back in February, New York had a ten day period when no murders were recorded.

“In fact, on March 5th, we had a 24-hour period in this city of 8.5 million people, that has 3 million visitors on an average day – on that day, there were no murders, there were no shooting victims, there were no stabbing victims, there were no slashing victims. We can’t find a day like that in the history of the department since we’ve been keeping records. And, in February, that we also had the benefit of a 10-day period of time in which there were no murders in the city.”

While the stats are definitely a good thing, the boasts may not necessarily be true. Capital New York pointed out that there was indeed a day like that in recent history. In fact, there were two. 

The New York Daily News reported in November of last year that New York had gone 24 hours without a shooting or stabbing for the second time that year. Mr. Bratton’s spokesperson called it a simple misunderstanding.

“He just ascribed that historical record to the wrong statistic,” Stephen Davis, deputy commissioner for public information for the NYPD, told Capital.

The news in general concerning crime was positive (13 fewer homicides and 25 fewer shootings so far) so the NYPD is definitely walking the walk. It’s the talking the talk afterwards they need to work on.