Newsweek Reporter Bashes 'Fanatical' Bitcoiners on Facebook

Leah McGrath Goodman: "[T]hey will see this all in a different light once they reach puberty."

Ms. McGrath Graham. (Screengrab via

Ms. McGrath Goodman. (Screengrab via

Newsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman has hardly been mum about her notorious March 6 story “Bitcoin’s Face: The Mystery Man Behind the Crypto-Currency.”

It seems the entire Internet has been trying to rip her story apart, including no less a Rap Genius user than Marc Andreessen. Still, Ms. McGrath Goodman and Newsweek have remained strong in defending the article, through both a statement and a video. Ms. McGrath Goodman has also been vocal on Twitter.

But it seems the most candid statement yet has come from her Facebook account. Betabeat acquired a screenshot of a recent status, posted yesterday:

(Screengrab via Facebook)

(Screengrab via Facebook)

Ms. McGrath Goodman declined to comment.