On the Market: Did Court Strike a Fatal Blow to Rails to Trails? Homelessness Crisis Worsens; Crime Up in City’s Largest Parks

Hey, what new tower is that going up? A map guide. [DNAinfo]
Alicia Glen has been meeting with borough presidents to discuss affordable housing. [Crain’s]
Public housing residents still suffering the aftermath of Sandy damage. [WSJ]
Gilded-age mansion on East 64th would like $42 million, please. [Curbed]
Carroll Gardens retains few traces of its Italian roots; now it’s all yuppie roots. [NYT]
No more rails to trails: Supreme Court rules that railroad easement ended with railroads. [AC]
In this hot real estate market, more owners list homes themselves to avoid broker fees. [DNAinfo]
Elderly Manhattan couple seeks to evict middle-aged son for causing disturbances in building. [NYDN]
Homeless population continues to rise and advocates push de Blasio on his policies. [NYT]
No sleep til Brooklyn! LES committee once again rejects Beastie Boys Square idea. [DNAinfo]
During 2013, major crimes spiked in city’s biggest parks, but it’s unclear why. [WSJ]
Who will fix the water mains? City’s infrastructure repair costs estimated at $47 billion. [Crain’s]
For those who could not leave work to enjoy yesterday’s beautiful weather, at least there was social media. [Gothamist]