On the Market: Paris Is Getting a Park Slope-style Food Co-op…

kaysha, flickr

kaysha, flickr

Cyndi Lauper in The Wall Street Journal on getting the hell out of Ozone Park: “Seeing all those people in our neighborhood who suffered and could have been much more than what fate had handed them made me decide that fate would never hand me anything. I’d never accept, “Oh this happened to me and now I can’t do it.” I’d make my own life.

Speaking of making it (and making out), Million Dollar Listing broker Ryan Serhant has painted the bedroom of his Chelsea apartment purple, Brick Underground found out in a recent interview. He heard that people have more sex in purple rooms. He has found this to be true.

EDC chief Kyle Kimball said that he was “astounded” by the “young, hip crowd” moving to the Rockaways, according to The Real Deal. Are two-hour commutes to Midtown really in right now? Or does anyone young and hip in Brooklyn these days have no need for anything so prosaic as a 9-5? In any event, they will at least be coming for the city and Roberta’s will be ready for them, as the famed Bushwick pizzeria is opening an outpost in the Rockaways, DNAinfo reports.

If you’re trying to get someone to relocate from the inner-city to the sticks, or the suburbs, Baltimore has found that providing them not only with a housing voucher, but extensive counseling and support is the ticket, Atlantic Cities reports.

Parisians will probably need extensive counseling and support to adjust to a Park Slope-style food co-op that is slated to open in their city next year, according to Gothamist.

One thing you can say about Russian architect Vasily Klyukin’s winged skyscraper design: it’s not just another boring glass condo tower. Buzzbuzzhome takes a look at the design, which is graced by an enormous headless body of a Greek goddess. Surprisingly, developers are not lining up to build the tower, so it may never become a reality.

Speaking of Russians with over-the-top tastes, The New York Times writes that the crisis with Crimea may mean the end of oligarchs splurging on trophy apartments here, as tensions between the U.S. and Russia escalate.

The Wall Street Journal reports on how the scion of a wealthy Chicago family returned to the fold after a decade of playing in bands and living in dumps. Though he has happily resettled into the good life, he pays homage to his former existence by renovating a dive-bar into a luxury loft—an impressive, buy also very sad transformation.