On the Market: Spike Lee Now Leading Expert on Gentrification; De Blasio Delays Move into Gracie Mansion; Liquor License Loss Cuts of Strip Clubs’ Livelihood

Shaya Boymelgreen and Africa Israel banned from developing condos by AG’s office. [Crain’s]
Coca Cola tries to cash in on coke association with new ad campaign. [Gothamist]
Spike Lee speaks out about gentrification, leading to spate of meaningless articles about it. [NYT]
Don Peebles 19-year-old son is apparently steering his fathers’ real estate decisions? [WSJ]
Despite fatalities, Bed-Stuy community board chair claims slow zone is unnecessary. [Streetsblog]
Neither here nor there: de Blasio refuses to move into Gracie or give it up. [CNY]
Exploring Detroit’s efforts to rebuild its middle class.  [AC]
Nineteen Harlem slums among those targeted by city’s housing intiative. [NYDN]
Coffee crawl card offers deals at 12 Village cafes. [DNAinfo]
When neighborhoods strip strip clubs of their liquor licenses, closures usually follow. [NYT]
Nonetheless, porn star Coco Brown is keen to buy a pied-a-terre in Manhattan. [Post]
Meet HR&A, the real estate consultancy who’s likely to wield all the power under de Blasio. [CNY]
The city regularly tickets residents who exercise in the parks before 6 a.m. But why? [Gothamist]
Rentals offer shared amenity spaces to those who can pay. For everyone else, there’s still the lobby. [NYT]
New York pushes plan to rebuild Penn Station, expand waiting room into Post Office. [WSJ]
Who knew there were seven different versions of a negroni? Bar on 81st and Second serves them all. [DNAinfo]
For some privileged residents, snowy sidewalks need not be tussled with. [NYT]
Two Trees offers small concession on Domino’s affordable square footage. [Crain’s]

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