'Random' Blog App Will Solve Your Browser Boredom

Take a break from the Twitter echo chamber.

It’s probably the ultimate first-world problem, but sometimes we just get bored with the plethora of websites we usually frequent. We know there are tons of other voices on the Internet, but how do we find them, especially in a time when Google searches can feel almost too tailored?

The new app Random seeks to solve that problem. It’s what StumbleUpon would be if developed today, its founders say. Backed by Skype cofounder Janus Friis, Random aims to “reinvigorate the way people browse the web,” a release from the company states.

When you open the app, Random offers a brightly-colored grid with a variety of key terms:

(Screengrab via Random)

(Screengrab via Random)

Click one, and the app displays a blog post or article that probably hasn’t been on your radar. The media on offer doesn’t start out very obscure, but a rep told us that the more you mess around with Random, the weirder and deeper into the web your results will be.

I clicked through to read 15 articles, and only one was something I’d seen before. Everything else was new, although it wasn’t necessarily from websites I never read. There was also one broken link, but since Random just launched today, we can give it a pass.

I noticed a proliferation of articles about selfies, like when I tapped “weird” and got “Why Selfies Sometimes Look Weird to Their Subjects.” “Narcissism” and “selfies,” of course, also yielded selfie-related results.

“Cinema” pulled up “The History of the Movie Trailer.” “Prank” yielded a Gawker post on stopping cell phone conversations at Disneyland that I somehow hadn’t seen all day. And “happiness” sent me to a Daily Mail story with probably the longest headline I’ve ever seen: “Meet Tuna, the chihuahua-dachshund mix who has melted the hearts of 375,000 Instagram followers and now has his own line of merchandise.” Whew.

Overall, Random definitely helped me find some interesting things that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s a great app to have if you’re an information junkie in need of a new and exciting fix. It’s available on the App Store now.