Sources: Ocean GOP Screening Committee picks MacArthur in CD3

The Ocean County GOP Committee’s screening committee gave the CD3 candidates the once over on Saturday and formally prepared a recommendation to the committee as a whole.

The screening committee will recommend Tom MacArthur, former mayor of Randolph, for the position of U.S. Congressman, sources told PolitickerNJ.

That means MacArthur has a leap on landing the coveted organization line in Ocean and complementing that support with the line in Burlington in the two-headed congressional district containing portions of Ocean and Burlington.

Seeking a replacement for retiring U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan (R-3), Burlington GOP leadership recommended MacArthur in the first place and anticipates awarding him committee support. The Ocean GOP will have its convention prior to Burlington, on March 19th.

Laboring with 15 others to win the affections of the screening committee, Movement conservative leader Steve Lonegan had hoped to get the support of the committee and the backing of the Ocean County Republican Party to win some traction in the district.

Burlington Republican leadership doesn’t want Lonegan, and said so publicly, while Ocean County Republican chairman George Gilmore appeared willing to give a shot to last year’s unsuccessful Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Sources: Ocean GOP Screening Committee picks MacArthur in CD3