Tuck & Roll: Subway Runs Over Man, Misses Him Completely

Watch the gap- you won't be as lucky as this guy.

Watch the gap—you won’t be as lucky as this guy.

Warning to subway riders: don’t try this one on your next morning commute.

A very lucky, unidentified man survived unscathed after he fell onto the tracks and a subway ran over him, or rather, above him. He had jumped onto the tracks to retrieve his cell phone.

The incident occurred at the 105th Street Station near Farragut Road in Canarsie around 10:30 a.m. After leaping onto the roadbed, the man grabbed his phone just as the train passed over him. He then emerged, unhurt.

An MTA spokesman told the New York Post that “the outdoor tracks at the station have a lot of room,” which allowed the man to get run over without so much as a scratch.

FDNY medics were called to the scene, but the man had already left by the time they got to the station. L train service was interrupted after the incident, but then resumed with residual delays.

Could this hero be the next Subway Superman? Only time will tell.