‘World’s Heaviest iPhone Case’ Turns Your Phone Into a Dumbbell For Some Reason

Check your Instagram twelve times with each arm. Repeat four times.

We're so sure that woman owes her fit physique entirely to her ToneFone. (DesirableBody)

We’re so sure that woman owes her fit physique entirely to her ToneFone. (DesirableBody)

Think twice about hitting the gym tonight, because a new product billed as the “World’s Heaviest iPhone Case” will apparently turn your iPhone into a “weight loss device.” Okay.

The product is aptly called the ToneFone, and it’s a chunky iPhone 5 case that basically transforms your phone into a really light dumbbell. It comes in 1kg (2.2 lbs) and 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) varieties, and is made from “100% British steel” coated with “soft, durable and grippy rubber.” Depending on which weight option you choose, the ToneFone goes for £22.90 or £25.40, which comes out to around $38 or $42, respectively. 

Here’s a key excerpt from the product description:

“It’s simple: you get a text[,] you get fitter, your mum calls you, you get fitter, you check Facebook and you get fitter, even when you order a takeaway you get fitter. You can take it with you anywhere and every time you pick your phone up you’ll be working out.

Even the most basic movements will help you to improve your muscle strength and endurance. The sleek design of this iPhone dumbbell case makes it a pleasure to use and easy to work out with. You won’t get your hands rough with hard skin from working out thanks to its smooth rubber finish.”

Sorry, but this has to be the lamest excuse for skipping the gym ever. Do people really raise and lower their phones in a way that’s dynamic enough to get any real results? Here at Betabeat, our iPhones sit on our desks all day and we use them without even lifting them up. 

And secondly, provided users do actually pick up their phones, do they have to make sure they divide their Instagram scrolling between their left and right arms to avoid getting totally jacked on one side only?

Finally, how are you supposed to store your iPhone in your back pocket when it’s half the size of your head? 

None of these perfectly rational arguments seem to be swaying consumers, because the ToneFone appears to have temporarily sold out. The company is currently waiting for the next batch to arrive in April.

Don’t feel like waiting? You could also just spend that $38 on, you know, a month of gym membership.

(h/t The Gadgeteer)