You Can Now Buy a Totally Fake, Plastic Google Glass Replica Online


Here's a Google Glass-shaped piece of plastic. (Shapeways)

Here’s a Google Glass-shaped piece of plastic. (Shapeways)

Are you getting bullied by all your geeky friends because you applied to be a Google Glass Explorer, but didn’t get chosen? Now you can trick your tormenters by ordering a 3D-printed totally fake Google Glass replica. (Or better yet, go out and find a new friend group.)

The product, not-so-catchily named “Google Glass Replica Fake MK3,” is a $59.44 piece of plastic that looks like Glass, but isn’t equipped with a computer of any kind. In other words, users get to experience all the appearance-related disadvantages of Google Glass, without getting to enjoy any of its groundbreaking technology. Cool! The replica is available for purchase on, an online marketplace where users can create, buy and sell 3D-printed products.

Here’s the product description, which tries to sell consumers on the idea of “Show[ing] the world that you are one of the lucky ones selected by Google.” It also has a lot of underscores, for some reason:

“We have now limited production to a run of 100 fake/replica units__ We will remove this from sale when the last 11 units are purchased.__ Google Glass Replica Mk3 – the newest, strongest and most detailed model available – Show the world that you are one of the lucky ones selected by Google __ Thank you to the happy people who purchased version 1 and sent in their pictures. The new version Mk3 includes much better detailing and a perfect replica nose piece – now 5x stronger___ Select white flexible for a ‘no paint’ option.__ For best results, please select Frosted Detail and apply a small amount of paint to the electronic side piece.__ We can’t wait to see some people send in pictures of them out and about in the new Mk3.”

But here’s the rub: we have to assume that anyone who buys this is the kind of person who loves flaunting their new technology — why else would you spend money on a fake product that makes you look like you own a pair of Google Glass? And if that’s the case — if you’re the kind of person who wants your friends to know you have Glass — what’s going to happen when one of your jealous buddies asks to test it out?

Plus, fake or not, Glass still makes you look like a raging dork.

This can really only end in doom and destruction, if you ask us.