BMW and Louis Vuitton take to the road

BMW and Louis Vuitton team up to create luggage worthy of the eco-car of your dreams



Clockwise from bottom left: Business Case ($7,150), PM Weekender ($6,750), GM Weekender ($7,600), Garment Bag ($4,550).


Forget the beaten up doctor’s bag and varsity sweats jostling around in the trunk. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Louis Vuitton has created a line of luggage specifically to fit the BMW i8, the hotly anticipated plug-in hybrid sports car arriving on our shores this summer. BMW and LV, of course, go together like Wagoneers and Golden Retrievers, VW vans and surfboards, DeLoreans and cocaine. Now the two luxury titans are making their flirtation official with a line of ultra-light polycarbonate bags that nestle into place on the backseat or in the trunk. Vuitton’s garment bag, briefcase and two weekend bags, the Petite and Grand Models will debut in New York’s LV stores on April 1, months ahead of the $136,000 car. Meantime, they’ll make quite a splash on the 6 train. ν