Call for Subs: Mexican Soccer Star Rafael Márquez Drops Chelsea Pad for $8.6 M.

Rafael Márquez, with Barcelona. (Wiki Commons)

Rafael Márquez, with Barcelona. (Wiki Commons)

As others have previously pointed out, the efforts of Major League Soccer teams to bolster the profile of the MLS by importing high-wattage international talent has done perhaps more for the real estate portfolios of said talent than for the league. That tends to be the case, anyway, for European stars drafted by the New York Red Bulls. And though the local tenure of Rafael Márquez—an alumnus of Atlas, Monaco and Barcelona, lately of León—reached an end in 2012, the Mexican national team captain has more to show for his years with the Red Bulls than the one goal he scored way back in 2010. (Hey, he plays defense.) Mr. Márquez has just sold his Chelsea condo at 257 West 17th Street for $8.6 million, according to city records, $2.2 million more than he paid three years ago. Douglas Elliman’s Kurt Rundhaug had the listing.

Nice, but exceedingly bland.

Nice, if exceedingly bland.

Mr. Márquez’s old place has featured in both Elle Decor and the Best of Elle Decor book, so you can bet it’s none too shabby. A 4,042 square-foot floor through, the apartment is the result of a combination by previous owners. It has open city views, three-way exposures and tons of light. Count not one, but two master suites, four bedrooms in all. There are dark hardwood floors and light woodgrain walls. One bathroom even seems to have a Starburst-themed color palette. Perhaps that one was for the kids—Mr. Márquez has two. One possible drawback? The CrossFit gym downstairs, whose thunderous racket gave building residents cause to sue last December.

The buyer, Tracy White, has the sort of name that sounds at once incredibly anonymous and as though it ought to belong to someone famous. There is, for example, a professional football player by that name, who last played for the New England Patriots, in 2012. We have a hunch that he’s not our man. There is also a Tracy White who, according to the Times, is a media producer and the adoptive daughter of the late philanthropist and Oppenheimer Funds chairman Leon Levy. (Her biological father, the late Rodney White, was also an Oppenheimer partner.) Ms. White’s mother, a member of the board at the Met, is also author of the very sensible sounding What Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband’s Money. We think perhaps we’re getting warmer here.

And luckily for Ms. White, the fitness center below began a $250,000 sound-proofing initiative several months back. So there will be no cause for concern, at long last, over things that go bump in the night.