De Blasio Family Tours a Connecticut University

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family. (Photo: Facebook/Wesleying)

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family. (Photo: Facebook/Wesleying)

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who ran his campaign as an everyman public school parent, paid a visit to least one college campus this weekend with his high school-aged son.

The Wesleyan University student publication Wesleying posted a photo of Dante de Blasio and his family taking a tour of the Middleton, Connecticut college on Sunday.

“NYC mayor Bill de Blasio touring Wesleyan today with son, Dante,” the publication wrote on its Facebook page.

Mr. de Blasio’s 16-year-old son, Dante, is currently a junior at Brooklyn Tech high school, and his dad makes a point of still dropping him off at school. The mayor’s daughter, Chiara, attends a private university in Calfornia.

The entire first family was heavily featured in Mr. de Blasio’s campaign, with both kids recording TV commercials touting their dad’s credentials.

A spokeswoman for the mayor’s office declined to comment on the trip. Mr. de Blasio’s public schedule indicated the mayor spent time in both Connecticut and Rhode Island this weekend, but it’s unclear whether the family made stops at any other campuses.

A Wesleyan spokeswoman declined to comment to the Observer.

“I don’t really have any details on the de Blasio visit – I found out the same way you did, through social media,” said the Wesleyan rep, Kate Carlisle. “It’s our policy not to comment on individuals’ visits to campus.”

Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts college in Middletown, Connecticut

Additional reporting by Jill Colvin.