Google Will Make Glass Available to Anyone With the Cash For One Day Only

Got $1,500 to spare?

This could soon be you! (Google Plus)

This could soon be you! (Google Plus)

If you’ve been dying to wear the Internet on your face but weren’t chosen to be a Google Glass Explorer, consider your social life saved your chance has finally arrived.

For April 15 only, Google will make the “Explorer” version of Glass — previously only available to select geeky recipients — available to all of us plebes. The Glass will go on sale online at 9 a.m. next Tuesday, available to anyone with U.S. citizenship and a casual $1,500 to shell out.

“Our Explorers are moms, bakers, surgeons, rockers, and each new Explorer has brought a new perspective that is making Glass better,” Google wrote on Glass’ Google Plus page. “But every day we get requests from those of you who haven’t found a way into the program yet, and we want your feedback too. So in typical Explorer Program fashion, we’re trying something new.” 

Tbh, this reads to us like Google’s latest desperate attempt to get the public on Glass’ side. Let’s not forget when they had to actively remind Glass-wearers not to be “rude,” “creepy” “Glassholes,” or when they published a blog post trying to convince us that Glass-wearers include “parents, firefighters, zookeepers, brewmasters, film students, reporters, and doctors.”

We get that Google’s trying to be all inclusive, but we’ll believe Google Glass can gain widespread adoption when we see it.

(h/t NBC New York)