iPhone Stealing Williamsburg Gentleman Also Hacked His Date’s OKCupid Profile

Apparently 'No' Means DFT — down for a threesome, that is

The weapon of choice.

The weapon of choice.

What a night.

Remember that guy who stole his date’s iPhone when she refused to go home with him? It turns out he’s an even bigger jerk than we realized.

The Brooklyn man was not happy when his OKCupid date declined a generous invite to his place around 1:15AM Monday morning.

His natural reaction? follow her into the subway, throw a water bottle at her and steal her iPhone.

We get it, man. Rejection can be tough.

But so is having your online profile hacked by a nice date turned criminal.

The victim, a 22-year-old St. John’s University Student, told the Post that the perpetrator used her phone to upload photos to her dating profile and update the page to say “I’m available for threesomes.”

The woman, whose identity has been kept anonymous, claims that her date then went on to text her friends.

“I’m all right everyone, just a little drunk but I’m home now,” he allegedly texted.

The perpetrator was apparently a few drinks in when he pressured his date into returning to his Williamsburg apartment.

Don’t all dates end with drunk texting anyway?