Learn the Finer Points of Wizard-Inspired Beer In the Nerdiest Kickstarter Video Ever

We sincerely hope he includes a Butterbeer recipe.

Don having a totally casual beer with his buddies. (Screengrab: Kickstarter)

Don having a totally casual beer with his buddies. (Screengrab: Kickstarter)

A man from Tuscon, Az. has taken to Kickstarter in the hopes of funding one of the dorkiest projects we’ve seen yet: a recipe book and instructional DVD for homebrewing beer inspired by geek culture.

Here’s how the campaign’s creator, Don, describes his product, which he calls “Satyr Stein”:

“Mix homebrewing with dwarves, ancient god-like aliens, and modern science fiction and you have Satyr Stein. Centuries of brewers have perfected the art of the fermented beverage and I am eager to share it with you in a special way – a way that puts all of our passions in one pot and adds a bit of magic. Homebrewing feeds both the creative and intellectual needs like a good hobby should. By crossing beer with tales from both the future and the past, Satyr Stein allows us to explore worlds, both real and imaginary, through our taste buds. Pledge now to make it so.”

We have no doubt Don is a certifiable geek. He writes on the campaign page that he’s a computer science whiz, and also says, “In my spare time I make beer and play in the SCA as Lord Donndubán Ó Domhnaill (Donovan O’Donnell) of house Del la Roc, the barony of Tir Ysgithr, and Kingdom of Atenveldt.” So there you go.

If your geekiness quota isn’t maxed out already, watch the video Don made to accompany his written proposition. Sure, it features wizards, pirate voices, and weird special effects, but it’s also really endearing and kind of makes us want to engage in drunken cosplay sometime:

You go, Don. May the force (of crowd funding) be with you.