Morning Media Mix: Alaska Edition

Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo via Wikimedia Commona)

Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo via Wikimedia Commona)

Little fish eats big fish? Alaska Dispatch, an online news start-up founded in 2008, will purchase the Anchorage Daily News, a daily newspaper established in 1946. (Alaska Dispatch)

The Post and the News have some good old tabloid fun with Al Sharpton, who is taking a beating from the press for having worked as an FBI informant. (Newseum/Newseum)

Jack Shafer rips apart the Times’s new luxury bespoke thing, Times Premier, which basically seems to be an updated version of the paper’s old online Q&A series, Talk to the Newsroom, but costs money. (Reuters)

Jan Winburn read a lot of prize-winning journalism and learned five things. (Poynter)

Bill O’Reilly says Stephen Colbert is ruining America. (Huffington Post)