Nerd Prom 2014: Webutante Ball King and Queen Voting Starts Today

Nominations are now being accepted.


Last year's king, Ben Hindman, at the ball. (Photo via Insider Images)

Last year’s king, Ben Hindman, at the ball. (Photo via Insider Images)

It’s that time of year again: the Webutante Ball is approaching, so it’s time to decide who will be king and queen of the Internet’s annual prom. Devise your 2014 picks for your favorite guy and gal from the tech industry — and while you’re at it, sharpen up the ol’ neckbeard and dust off your formalwear fedora.

“Nominate the noted or notorious — like your favorite founder of the year, a viral sensation, the smartest startup star you know, or even the Valleywag posterchild of 2014,” a release says.

Nominees are being accepted at Last year, SplashThat cofounder Ben Hindman and Maura Magazine founder Maura Johnston were crowned king and queen. Saturday Night Live‘s Sarah Schneider and CollegeHumor’s Amir Blumenfeld also have held the title before — and one year, Alex Blagg, the executive producer of @Midnight, won for both king and queen.

At the ball itself, set for May 20 at the Marquee in New York City, guests will enjoy three open bars, “glamorous selfies on the red carpet,” and a light-painting photo booth, the release says. Tickets are currently $50.