On the Market: Bay Ridge Is Not the Next Williamsburg and Soho Is Not Soho Anymore



Here we go again: is Bay Ridge poised to become the next Williamsburg, DNAinfo asks, citing the rash of new housing development in the very un-Williamsburg neighborhood. But not even the experts are jumping on the bandwagon this time around. “I think it shows the lack of inventory in these other neighborhoods,” says MNS’s Andrew Barrocas of the building boom. The other neighborhoods, that is, that are actually considered desirable.

Well, young people are resistant to moving to the suburbs, despite the claims of such recent articles as hipsturbia, The New York Times reports. Demographic studies show that many suburbs, particularly the affluent ones, are failing to draw new residents in their 20s and 30s. In panic, some are even trying to up their cool quotient with concert venues and “exotic restaurants” to attract young families.

Not so cool anymore? Soho, where bars and restaurants are vacating, citing rising rents, little foot traffic after shops close and “a subtle quietness” that has taken hold of the former hotspot. Crain’s looks at the closure and subsequent sale of one such establishment, the bar Naked Lunch, whose former space, a retail condo on Thompson Street, just sold for $3 million.

Next on the list? Williamsburg, where J. Crew and Apple are looking to follow in the footsteps of Whole Foods, Crain’s reports. Already in the neighborhood are American Apparel and the just-opened Urban Outfitters.

At least in another corner of the borough, Whole Foods arrival has finally meant that the Coignet building exterior will be saved. The lonely, landmarked concrete building is at last getting the exterior renovation that was promised, the Brooklyn Eagle reports. Construction netting and a green sidewalk shed have popped up and when they finally disappear, we can expect the red brick facade to disappear and the building’s glorious white concrete blocks to be visible once again.

Now it seems like everyone is against the carriage horse ban? The Central Park Conservancy has come out against de Blasio’s antique car replica idea, the New York Daily News reports. Which we have to admit, lacks much, if any appeal, and the New York Post is calling on the de Blasio administration to stop being so stubborn and admit that public sentiment towards the carriages has shifted.

The president of a Kips Bay Mitchell Lama co-op East Midtown Plaza will be allowed to keep his four-bedroom apartment even though he allegedly jumped the waiting list to get it, DNAinfo reports. A court found that his peeved neighbor did not have the right to sue because she wasn’t in line for such a large apartment anyway.

New York investor David Werner has swooped in to scoop up the Trophy Mobil building on Est 42nd, The Wall Street Journal reports. He will pay more than $900 million for the privilege.