On the Market: Market-Rate Renters Whose Buildings Go Condo Are Out of Luck

MichaelTapp, flickr.

MichaelTapp, flickr.

Foreign investment: Kingsbridge Armory is going after EB-5 funding to transform into an ice skating mecca, Crain’s reports. The controversial program fast-tracks citizenship for foreigners who put up a certain amount of funding.

Speaking of sports venues in the Bronx: Major League Soccer team New York City F.C. will play its first three seasons at Yankee Stadium, according to The New York Times. The decision highlights some of the difficulties that the league has faced in finding a place to build a permanent stadium in the city.

One of the many downsides of being a market-rate renter—besides paying ridiculously high rent—is that your landlord can basically kick you out with 90 days notice if he wants to take the building condo. Which is just what is happening at Centurion-owned 22 River Terrace in Battery Park City, the New York Post reports. Which is a terrible development for tenants, although we think complaints like this are a little melodramatic in a building where two-bedrooms were going for upwards of $5,000 a month: “This building has been a thriving community of families, and now it’s going to become a place for investment money.”

DNAinfo offers apartment design tips for all the recent grads who will be flooding our city in the near future: don’t buy everything from Ikea and Target. Because everybody can see that you bought everything from Ikea and Target and it looks brand new and awkward.

Now families who are deemed ineligible for homeless shelter will still be able to stay that night, leaving the next morning, The Wall Street Journal reports. They will also be given agency checklists to better understand why they have been declared ineligible. The move comes in response to complaints about the unclear decision process and the scant four-hour families had to leave a shelter after being found ineligible.

Sunnyside is building public plazas beneath the elevated 7 train tracks, DNAinfo reports. Though one might think the space would be dark and noisy, there is apparently a thriving food truck and traveling vendor scene there. Especially since the filthy pigeons have moved on.