On the Market: New York Rents Are Rising and Not Even the South Bronx Has Been Spared

Nick Harris 1, flickr.

Nick Harris 1, flickr.

The Port Authority wants to build a $400 million addition, DNAinfo reports. But don’t get too excited, all ye who have ever suffered the hell that is the Port Authority (it makes Penn Station look like a palace). This pricey new space would essentially be one big garage.

The average sales price of Manhattan apartments went up to $1.77 million, DNAinfo reports. This no doubt pleases Douglas Elliman, who released the market report they cite, and everyone else hoping to sell an apartment. Not so pleased? Everyone else.

Not even able to afford to rent an apartment: an increasing number of people who live in the South Bronx, according to Crain’s. Rising rents in the borough have pushed an increasing number of residents into homelessness. People who move often pay more rent, The New York Times reports. And they tend to be young. But some people just like a change of a scenery, like the 76-year-old they profile who has never lived any place longer than 7 years.

Also poised to lessen the financial wherewithal of New Yorkers? Casinos in the Catskills. The state opened the licensing process yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reports. But they’d do well to think of a somewhat glitzier identity than the historic “Borscht Belt.”

Landlords are hoping that revamping their Plaza District towers with big amenities will help them to compete with hip, cool office space being offered elsewhere, according to The Wall Street Journal. Also, The Atlantic Yards Report finds that modular construction will, despite earlier projections, mean fewer workers making less money.

“Everyone here has been through labor right?” she asked. “So that was nothing.”—DNAinfo reports on an UES fitness class for mothers that uses such motivational messages and strollers to double as fitness equipment.

In other wacky news, Upper West Side coffee shop has duped its neighbors with a promise to meet Muses atthew McCounaghey, according to the Daily News. But really it’s just a goldfish named Matthew McCounaghey. Some people are pissed. Might we suggest a puppy for the next time they lure patrons into their establishment under the pretense of meeting a celebrity?