Pinterest’s 24 Most Insane Marshmallow Peep DIY Projects

If you like it, then you shoulda put a Peep on it.

Sexy Peeps with chocolate pants and carrot junk.
A Peep bathing in garbage.
Wedding Peeps to commemorate your five-year-old's arranged marriage.
A Peep Driver brought in as a class art project by a kid whose parents both have jobs.
Stay-at-home dad Peeps.
A Peep drowning its frenemy.
Nouveau riche Peeps driving Twinkie-and-Oreo cars on their way to give you diabetes.
The Peep proletariat, heading to their factory jobs.
Peeps in a literal and metaphorical jail.
A Peep that got married and let itself go.
... Al Jolson Peeps?
Totally inedible Royal Wedding Peeps!
On the way to Peep purgatory.
Peeps after The Accident.
Peeps being suckled by a stoned lamb.
Daredevil crotch Peep narrowly avoids falling into 2% milk martini as his friends cheer him on.
Peep with gambling addiction reads the race track program.
Peeps who are just phoning it in this year.
Somebody wants attention (this Peep).
How high would you have to be to eat this Peep?
Peeps owned by the loneliest person in the world.

Easter is around the corner. There are myriad ways to honor the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but surely the most noble among them is the Peep craft project.

Whether you are gluing stuff to Peeps, gluing Peeps to other stuff, or doing some combination of both, you will probably head to Pinterest to find all the best Easter DIY ideas. Pinterest is also really good for planning a pretend wedding, finding some inspiration for your life, getting stressed out, and looking at butts.

Now, feast your eyes on the most batshit Peep DIY projects on every stay-at-home mom’s favorite social network, before they explode in the microwave of life.