QuizUp Celebrates April Fool's Day With Oddly Addictive New 'Nonsense' Category

The questions are as intriguing as they are pointless.



Quite a few April Fool’s Day jokes have come through Betabeat’s transom today, but only one held our attention for more than 30 seconds: QuizUp’s new “general nonsense” quiz category.

The wildly popular QuizUp app matches you with strangers or friends to compete in a variety of categories, from Harry Potter to Ancient Rome to general knowledge. They introduce new categories pretty frequently, but usually they follow the SAT-multiple-choice format of one question with three wrong answers and the right one.

The “general nonsense” category, though, does not follow that formula. Instead, it seems like their entire staff came up with the Qs after smoking some funny cigarettes. Observe:

quizup 2  quizup 1


As you can see, the questions range from movie quotes with cat pictures to nonsensical riddles to just pure WTF-osity. Somehow, we couldn’t stop playing for about 15 minutes. Enjoy!