Swedish Student Invents Hand Scanner to Replace Credit Cards

And it actually works!

A shopper uses the system. (Screengrab via YouTube)

A shopper uses the system. (Screengrab via YouTube)

In case paying with the swipe of a credit card wasn’t convenient enough for you, a Swedish student at Lund University has devised a way to pay for goods using a vein map of your hand.

Fredrik Leifland’s system uses vein-scanning technology that already existed, according to a prepared release. He merely connected the scanning terminals, banks, stores and customers to create a new system.

Currently, 15 stores and restaurants and 1,600 consumers around the Lund University campus are using the system, which is called Quixter, the release states. It’s not a one-step system — users still have to input the last four digits of their phone number to use it — but it’s still quicker than swiping a card, the founder says.

The main benefit of the system is security, but it’ll also help scatter-brained types who can never remember their wallets. All we can really focus on is how germy the hand scanner must be, but hey, that’s why hand-washing exists.