Adorable: Iranian Judge Summons Mark Zuckerberg To Appear In Court

He'll be right there.

Not worried. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Not worried. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A judge in southern Iran has ordered Mark Zuckerberg to appear in Iranian court, CBS News reports.

The judge allegedly wants Zuck to field complaints from individuals who claim Instagram and WhatsApp have violated their privacy. Sounds fun.

The U.S. and Iran don’t have an extradition treaty, meaning Mr. Zuckerberg won’t be shipped overseas and forced to show up for his Iranian court date. Sure, he probably won’t be able to plan any glamorous vacations to Tehran anytime soon, but we think he’ll be okay.

We can’t say the same for the fate of social media in Iran, which has long had a tenuous relationship with the government there.

Iran banned Facebook and Twitter after the social media sites became hotbeds of anti-government protest during a 2009 election. Last September, the government (perhaps accidentally) lifted restrictions on the sites, only to re-instate them the next day. Iran has also banned YouTube, CBS News says. Many citizens, however, use proxy servers to get around the bans and access the sites.

In accordance with Mr. Zuckerberg’s court order, the southern Iranian judge has also reportedly ordered a ban on Instagram and WhatsApp. Womp womp.

Despite the social media bans, Iran is still at the forefront of tech in several other ways, including sending Persian cats to space and inventing time travel.