Breaking Badly: Pharmacist Pleads Guilty to Stockpiling Homemade Poison

He should've paid attention in chemistry class

Remember watching MTV Cribs and seeing Scarface playing religiously in the homes of every single rapper? Well, the Tony Montana dream is dead. Today is all about Walter White.

Jordan Gonzalez couldn't quite achieve his Heisenberg fantasy.  Walter White. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Jordan Gonzalez couldn’t quite achieve his Heisenberg fantasy.
Walter White. (Wikimedia)

Local pharmacist Jordan Gonzalez has plead guilty to manufacturing drugs and toxic chemicals, including the infamous ricin poison, and amassing a large collection of guns, ammunition, body armor and survivalist literature.

Was he preparing for a final stand-off with the aryan brotherhood, a la Walter White, or a drug-addled welcoming of the apocalypse?

Maybe neither.

Thursday, Mr. Gonzalez said he was working with the poisonous substances in his New Jersey and Manhattan apartments for “confrontations with other people in the future.”

He was also attempting to manufacture the raver’s favorite party drug and Miley Cyrus’s Advil, molly (MDMA).

As for the season finale of the Gonzalez saga, it’s not shaping up to be like Walter White’s vengeful and self-sacrificing denouement. Instead, Mr. Gonzalez could be spending the rest of his life in solitary confinement for his crimes. A decision will be made come September 17th at his next hearing.

Looks like Mr. Gonzalez’s Heisenberg fantasy is turning out to be just that, a blue dream.