Call for Entries: We're Looking For 2014's Most Poachable Players in Tech

We're taking names.

(Graphic by Oliver Munday)

(Graphic by Oliver Munday)

There’s no shortage of turnover in the tech industry — and oh, how we love being here to chronicle every hiring and firing that goes on in Silicon Alley and beyond.

Being the charitable souls that we are here at Betabeat, we figure why not help that process along? Everyone loves a new job in this great big game of musical chairs we call the tech industry, after all.

That’s why we’re bringing back Betabeat’s Most Poachable Players in Tech — and we need your help naming tech’s hottest potential hires. As we wrote in 2011:

“Who’s really good, but working at a really bad company? Who are the all-stars who could kick ass anywhere, any time, at any gig, and even be fun to be around? Who would we want to hire, if we had an infinite pot of gold? How likely is it they’ll leave? Are they bored, underpaid, or underutilized? And who is in line, or should be, to score a raise?”

We already have quite a few MVPs in mind, but we’d love to hear from our readers. Send an email to telling us who’s your pick and why. And don’t worry, we can keep a secret.

For inspiration, check out our 2012 list. But keep in mind that this year, we’re looking beyond Silicon Alley. Entries can come from all over, as long as they’re ripe for the poaching.