Eric Schneiderman Launches New Campaign Website as GOP Ramps Up Attacks

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has rarely commented publicly about his re-election bid, but his campaign is in full swing amid new attacks from an emboldened Republican Party.

The Schneiderman campaign launched a new website today touting Mr. Schneiderman’s latest endorsements and accomplishments. The campaign also announced a new Twitter handle, @SchneidermanNY, and a Facebook page.

“We’re extremely proud of Attorney General Schneiderman’s record of fighting to ensure the law applies to everyone equally and helping make New York more affordable for middle class families,” said Mr. Scheniderman’s campaign manager, Matt Tepper, in a statement. “Launching our new website and social media platforms will allow us to talk to more New York voters about Eric’s accomplishments and vision.”

While all three statewide offices are held by Democrats and remain highly difficult for Republicans to win–their last statewide victory was Republican Gov. George Pataki’s re-election victory in 2002–the GOP is taking special aim at Mr. Schneiderman, a Manhattan Democrat, who is being challenged by John Cahill, a former chief of staff to Mr. Pataki.

Republicans have come out swinging against Mr. Schneiderman, who is relatively unknown statewide, and a Republican operative recently formed a political action committee to attack Mr. Schneiderman.

The attorney general has meanwhile ignored him, declining to take campaign questions about Mr. Cahill at press events.

Mr. Cahill still faces an uphill battle. Mr. Schneiderman is expected to out-raise his Republican challenger and enjoys the unified support of the city and state’s Democratic establishment. Prominent elected officials and women’s rights groups ripped Mr. Cahill last week, foreshadowing the aggressive line of attack that Democrats may use against him.