Flipping the Bird: Red-Tail Hawk Couple Harrasess Brooklyn Family

All they want is an empty nest

The Birds 2: Brooklyn Edition

“The Birds: Brooklyn Edition”

A pair of red-tailed hawks have been ruffling feathers in Brooklyn.

The hawk couple, who’ve nested in Bedford-Stuyvesant, have been attacking their neighbors, according to CBS.

“I can’t go out on the balcony any more,” Tahjah Coleman told the station. “[The hawk] basically owns the balcony. It’s not ours any more.”

Yesterday, the male hawk stabbed her in the back of her head while she was sitting on her fire escape. “Boom, bit. Put my hand on the back and got a handful of blood,” she said. Ms. Coleman was rushed to the hospital for a rabies shot.

Unfortunately, there is little to be done as the hawks’ abode is protected under both federal and state law. (Guess it doesn’t matter who came first.)

The resilient Colemans are taking the incident in strides.

“They’re living there like we’re living here,”  joked Ms. Coleman’s brother, Kareem. “They need to start paying rent.”