For One Night Only? ‘The Maya Rudolph Show’! (Video)

The Maya Rudolph Show. (NBC)

The Maya Rudolph Show. (NBC)

Last night was the premiere/possible only episode of The Maya Rudolph Show, a new/one-off variety program from the Saturday Night Live alum that featured a bunch of celebrity drop-ins, skits that could have been on SNL, and the possibility for greatness that never emerged fully-formed from Lorne Michaels’ comedy-womb. Though there was a lot of Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen and Sean Hayes!

Here are all the sketches from The Maya Rudolph Show that are online so far.


Would that we all got our own pony for doing a billion dollar show!

Small Dancing:

The Garmyns:

They are the GPS Navigation System voices!

Frozen Again:

Would you watch another episode of TMRS?